Instant best practice MongoDB - a head start.

Scaling Expertise

MongoHQ-hosted data grows smoothly with your business. It’s like a magic beanstalk to the cloud.

Fast and Secure

MongoDB is rocket fast. And with our easy to configure automated backups, your data is here to stay.

Augment Your Team Knowledge

Leverage our years of experience in Mongo management, tooling, operations, and process. But you always have the final word, through our simple web interface.

Biggest in the Business of MongoDB

100s of TB of data, over 10 billion MongoDB operations daily, and 100,000 databases. We’re the experts and innovators in database hosting.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is the fastest growing Document database. You can hand your loosely structured documents to a Mongo database and speed your development substantially, and scale to whatever your app requires. MongoDB provides ad-hoc query-ability, making your data as discoverable as relational databases like Oracle, DB2, or MySQL.

MongoHQ Costs Less

MongoHQ databases have a significantly lower total cost of ownership than self-hosting. Beyond economies of scale, you're only charged by the size of your database, from smaller staging and development databases to huge dedicated Terabyte clusters – and everything in between.

You only pay for what you need, and you can scale up and down whenever you need to. You can deploy dedicated plans to data centers worldwide – be it US, Ireland, Tokyo or Singapore.

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